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Joe Mistletoe by Glenn Haigh


Dear Cristian,

Where are you, my love?

My soulmate. Christmas could never be the same after the last one, our final one together.

Since you have been gone, I’ve searched for you everywhere and in everything. I look out for signs, my ears straining and my eyes peeled. Sometimes, I think I can feel your presence standing behind me, but when I turn, you’re not there.

I want to tear Christmas down and burn it forever. There’s no cheer, no merry to be had in this house, Cristian. How could there be when all I have is your grave to visit now?

That’s why I’ve decided to do this. It’s the only way we can be together again. At the stroke of midnight, this Christmas Eve, I’ll end my suffering and be back in your arms once again. Oh Cristian, I can’t bear to wake on Christmas morning without you beside me. Will you wait for me, my love? In the orchard by the lake, our special place, meet me there and we can be together for all of eternity.

All my love,

Joe, your darling husband



This is a powerful and emotional story, totally unexpected. Whilst the premise of the story is a familiar and well known story, the author has put his own unique spin to the story with great success. The story was current and relevant, it tugged at my heartstrings with its raw and gritty dialogue. I started this book hoping to get into the Christmas spirit, but found myself sobbing and heartbroken at the beginning and then crying tears of joy at the end. This is a beautiful Christmas story that I highly recommend.


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