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The Last Witch of North Berwick House by T J Podger (Tracie Podger)


Release Date: 6th January 2020


When Adrian Carter followed his wife, Agnes, to their dream home in North Berwick he had no idea it was to be the start of a truly terrifying journey.

Every old house has its folklore and stories so he was told. He hadn’t expected those stories to be true. As a horror writer, Adrian had a terrific imagination, but even he could not envisage what was to come.

Tracie Podger, a multi-genre author, wrote this ghostly tale initially as part of an anthology. But she just couldn’t keep it short enough so released The Last Witch as a novella.

Witches and ghosts, dunking stools, and old houses combine in this entertaining tale of the goings-on at North Berwick House.

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The Witcher

I’ve seen the trailer for this for a while now and it looked interesting, but after watching this it has peaked my interest further.

What a beautiful reading voice he has, very masculine and sexy.

Have you met Robert Stone?

Fallen Angel Part 1, A Mafia Romance by Tracie Podger is on #Sale for 3 DAYS ONLY!

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On the first day of her holiday, Brooke Stiles meets the dark-eyed and dangerous Robert Stone.

Stone has never had a normal relationship for fear of his past being exposed. Not knowing how to love or respect, he struggles with his overwhelming feelings for a woman who makes him question everything he believes in. This is a story about an extraordinary woman who meets a remarkable man and has to discover if she is strong enough to take on his life.

Fallen Angel, Part 1 is a Mafia Romance and intended for readers over the age of 18. Contains graphic scenes of a sexual nature. This series is complete.

“Fallen Angel (a Mafia Romance) is like the Godfather meets “Insert Sexiest Book/Movie you’ve watched or read” – Reviewer

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Strip Back (Naked Night’s #0.5) now in KindleUnlimited

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Not all male strippers are the same. Eric despised his managers seedy approach to stripping but he guessed it was better than no job at all. How wrong he was. With no job, no restrictions and no girlfriend – thanks to finding her on her knees in front of someone else; Eric finally pursues his dream of setting up his own stripper troupe which would be all about the tease rather than the sleaze. With nothing left to lose, Eric throws himself into creating the Naked Nights. It wasn’t always fun, and it definitely wasn’t easy but somehow he made it happen.

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Cover Reveal: Indigo Dusk by Kristy Nicolle


SYNOPSIS:When Kairi Freemont happens upon a winged man on her parents’ Tennessee Ranch, she’s given what she’s wanted ever since the day she was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: An escape from the pain of her chronic, invisible illness.

Through the power of the Aetherial Sun, Aro shows her there’s not only a place where her pain disappears but that she can live in a fairytale world of Unicorns, Fae, and magic she’s always wished was real. But when Kairi discovers that meeting Aro was no accident, that she may have lived a whole past life at Aro’s side before being stolen away by the monstrous Draconians, things start to spin out of control.

Are the Draconians, a race of banished dragon riders who have long since lost their precious reptilian steeds, as monstrous as the rest of Aetheria believes? And what lies at the heart of Aro’s motivation behind sweeping Kairi off her feet? Is it simply flirtation and his desire to give her a better life, or is the truth far more malicious than she could have ever expected?

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