The Witcher

I’ve seen the trailer for this for a while now and it looked interesting, but after watching this it has peaked my interest further.

What a beautiful reading voice he has, very masculine and sexy.

Ashen Touch Trilogy By Kristy Nicolle



Join Haedes’ daughter in her struggle to save the Underworld.

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The Opal Blade


The Onyx Hourglass


The Obsidian Shard


Novels that shaped our World

Yesterday (9th November 2019) I recorded a program on BBC2 called Novels that changed the World, focusing this week on female writers and readers and how their lives have been central to novels. Going through history and looking at authors such as Margaret Atwood, Mary Shelly, Virginia Woolf and Jane Austin to name a few. It was really interesting to see how novels have been influenced by women and how these stories still hold strong and true even in these modern times.

Virginia Woolf wrote a story called Orlando about a young noble man who awakes to find himself as a woman and has to deal with the struggles that women had to face over a vast time frame. Originally published in 1928 you can see connotations with our modern day gender fluidity.

Margaret Atwood’s Handmaidens Tale was written back in 1985 and was used to dramatize potential trends at the time, the novel is a possible look into our future and female activists still use Atwood’s iconic red capes at protests and marches.

The BBC have compiled a list of 100 novels that have shaped our world, breaking them down into categories such as Identity, Love, Sex and Romance, Adventure, Politics and Coming of Age to name a few. They are asking the public to get involved and share a novel that you feel has shaped your life #mybooklife . This got me thinking about the many novels that I have read, at first I thought “I can’t name just one book that has shaped my life” but upon reflection I think there is a much loved novel that possibly has made me the woman I am today.

I very rarely re-read a novel but there is one book that I have read several times over my thirty nine years  on this planet. I vaguely remember going through a box of things and coming across an old red book, with beautiful illustrations, that book was Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I don’t think I still own this particular copy as I remember it falling apart but I have owned several copies since. This story of four sister’s growing up in 1860’s New England, their father is away at war and their mother is raising them to be strong independent women, I feel might have shaped me as a woman, a mother and a wife. My favorite character was Jo, she was a tomboy who did not want to conform to what society thought she should be. She wanted to write novels and found that she could by using a pseudonym. The book is an emotional read, showing the girls coming of age, dealing with illness, love and lost love, putting others needs before their own and each girl finding their own place in the world. Unfortunately Little Women does not feature in the BBC’s top 100 list but it will be a novel that I will read and re-read throughout my life.

Is there a book that you feel has shaped your life? Feel free to share.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Book Funk

I’m in a major book funk, in fact not just a book funk but a life funk. I’ve looked at my bookshelf, I’ve pulled all of the unread books to the front of the shelf and still I cannot decide what to read. I started to read a non fiction book about the history of gin, but even a few chapters in and I cant bring myself to pick the book back up, its not gripping me.

The definition of book funk is:

“The inability to read any book regardless of genre”

according to the Urban Dictionary.

So how do you get out of a book funk? How do you get back your love of reading and a hobby that you love? I have been binge watching Glee on Netflix to avoid picking up a book and reading.

Here are some thought/ideas on how to bring back the motivation.

  • Think about re-reading an old favorite book, this can be like visiting an old friend. Its familiar and comforting.
  • Look for short reads, these stories/books will get straight to the point, they hopefully will not feel like a long slog. Or graphic novels can be a quick and easy read, the same can be said for novellas.
  • Its ok to accept that you don’t have to read all the time. Reading should be done for pleasure, it should not be a chore. This is one of the reasons why I, as a blogger, have stepped away from reading so many advanced copies. I want to read for me, it becomes much more enjoyable and just knowing that I am making my way through my TBR list is a satisfying feeling. Don’t feel guilty for not reading, or taking a book with you wherever you go, go out and explore the world, get some fresh air, and when the time is right you will pick up that book.
  • Listen to audio books. I personally have not really listened to an audio book but I have several on my kindle/CD that I have access to. For me at the moment I don’t feel that I have the concentration to take in what is being said. But it is a good alternative to holding and reading a physical book and still counting towards your Goodreads reading challenge.
  • Speaking of reading challenges, look up some reading challenges online. The themes or suggestions could point you in the direction of a book/genre you may never have considered.


When looking at my bookshelf I discovered that I had a “blind date” with a book. This is a book that has been wrapped up in brown paper and has a brief description written on the front.



I had been given this by an author a while ago at a book signing, giveaways had never really taken off on my Facebook blog page and so it had been sat on my bookshelf.  I finally decided to unwrap it and discover what book was inside, vowing that I will read what ever I find. What I found was a book by Katie M. John 



I have followed Katie on social media for ages and have another book of hers sitting on my TBR shelf, but have not yet read any of her work.

When I turned to the title page I discovered that this was a pre-release copy of an arc from 2017 and the blurb at the back has a type error., making this copy unique.







So I’m going in, I’m taking a chance on something new in the hope it will pull me out of my funk. I’m looking forward to the possibilities of what I might discover between the pages of this book. I’m hoping  to find another Passionate Page Turner.