Review: Hot Daddy Sauce By Angel Devlin and Tracy Lorraine

I have read work by Andie M Long for a few years now and thought I would try out this book by her sexy alter ego Angel Devlin.

The title did have me cringing slightly but only because a can have a bit of a dirty mind and the cover and title leave little to the imagination. When you find out that the lead male is a chef then all becomes clear.

This story isn’t a complicated romance, it’s a straight forward sexy short read, not too graphic but just gives you enough to wet your appetite. It’s story line was sweet and predictable but it was just what I needed, a little pick me up whilst I was in a reading slump.

I didn’t read the sneak preview of the next book but I’m pretty sure that I will indulge when it comes out.



Limp Dicks and Saggy Tits By Tracie Podger


This book is laugh out loud funny. It’s honest in a way that I haven’t read before. It gave me hope that there is still fun and adventures to be had past fifty and when a longterm marriage ends. The scenarios that Lizzie encounters, whilst may seem extreme are things that I can see myself getting into. So many times I got funny looks whilst reading this book as I’ve giggled and sniggered at Lizzies adventures and mishaps.
This book was a feel good, honest story, and when you read the last chapter you will love Lizzie even more.


Review: Only Women Bleed by Willow Salix

I couldn’t wait to dive into this next part of the Carpe Noctem series. I was not disappointed, once again I was thrust into another story with an incredibly sexy vampire who meets his soul mate, with drama, violence and hot sex along the way. Having read the first book in the series I did notice a familiar theme to the plot line, however this did not spoil the story for me. Amy (Amethyst) was a very different character to Topaz, Amy’s back story is a bit hard to read but you need to know about what she has had to deal with to understand her reservations and lack of confidence. Deep down though she has a hidden strength.

Once again I have another vampire to lust after, the author writes her male vampires perfectly in my eyes. They are strong and masculine but beautiful to behold. They treat the women in their life with respect and dignity, even if it means curbing their own wants and needs.

In this story we meet several other new characters that I feel we will be seeing more of in the Carpe Noctem series,and we have Avery, the sexy pirate Vampire still searching for his soul mate.

Whilst I did note a few spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, I still enjoyed the story, it flowed well and the author provides real insight into each character. I knew that there would be a twist to the story, the path of true love never runs smoothly, but it did not take away from from my enjoyment. I am liking the fact that I can get back into my love of vampires through this series and have explored the authors website to read character bio’s and gain more knowledge into the world she has created. I’m looking forward to reading the third instalment.

Its currently 99p over on amazon – the first book in the series is free, grab yourself a bargain!

Broken Lights by Dianna Hardy

Dianna Hardy is a completely new author to me, I had an opportunity to buy one of her books and I chose this standalone as an introduction to her work.

The story was unexpected and basically happens in the space of one night. Two unlikely souls meeting, two very different backgrounds who have the potential to save each other. This book has drama, thrills and hope. The characters are relatable, the individual characters backgrounds are familiar stories and I wasn’t sure how the two would connect. An unlikely pairing but it really worked well. Towards the end of the book I was rooting for them to work, and I found my heart in my mouth at one point, unsure where or how the story was going to end.

I really enjoyed the story and read it over the course of a few days. I would definitely read more from this author.

Angelica by Tracie Podger

Firstly let me say that this story has to be read after Fallen Angel pt6, it can not be read as a standalone.

Secondly, this really short novella deals with a difficult subject. It’s not detailed, which is good, but as a reader you are aware of the type of abuse that is suggested.

It was good to get an insight into this newly introduced character’s background. Whilst reading FA6 I had not realised how young Angelica was.

The story has left me curious as to what is going to happen to Angelica now, how is her relationship with Travis going to develop?

I love the Fallen Angel series and its accompanying novellas, this mafia world has me hooked and always wanting more. I’m praying that we get either a novella or FA7.

A Summer Scandal by Kat French

This author writes in a few different genres, and I knew this would be a more comercial romantic story. It’s a classic will they, won’t they story but I loved the back story to this book as well. Our main characters are Violet, who has just inherited a pier and Calvin, her new neighbour. As the story flows it is interwoven with a back story about Violet’s Gran, and sets roots for Violet at Swallow Beach.

This story has love and romance but is also full of laughs and twists. Who would have imagined setting up an adult themed arcade full of artisan shops? It’s naughty and sexy but helps out local trades people to build on their businesses.

The characters are very relatable and I instantly fell in love with whole place and its residents.

This is a perfect beach/getaway read. Whether you are on a beach in a foreign country or your local seaside town.

Two Minutes to Midnight By Willow Salix


Topaz Thompson was happy as she was, thank you very much. A string of bad relationships and disastrous blind dates has done little to restore her faith in a happy ever after. And now here she is, spending her holiday time going on yet another wild goose chase of the supernatural kind. The last thing she expects to find in a pretentious goth club in Edinburgh, is the man of her dreams. Logan McGregor had always known he could never love anyone as much as he loved his wife, who was tragically murdered many years before. So imagine his surprise when the beautiful Topaz crosses his path, stirring up long forgotten feelings, showing him that there might be hope after all. This is a story of a love that spans centuries, proving that when fate has you in her sights, not even death can keep you apart, true love will always win out. A Soul Mate is forever.


This book had been recommended to me by several friends knowing that I enjoy romance books, who also happened to mention that the author was local to me. One of these friends had lent me a copy of this book, which I’m ashamed to say, it sat on my bookshelf waiting to be read. Another friend brought me the first two books of the series at Christmas, and again they sat on my shelf, until now. I cant believe I hadn’t given this story a chance earlier, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the characters. It took me back to my reading roots as such, Vampires and romance/erotic romance. It was the story that I didn’t know that I needed. It has humour, romance, detail to attention, hot sex and vampires. The story feels modern and flows well, its a definite passionate page turner and I can not wait to dive into the next book to see where the author takes it next.